Ignite your sales

Close deals faster. With less effort.

The Pareto Principle: 80% of your revenue is a result of 20% of your activities.

Conclusion: 80% of your time is wasted. 

FunnelFIRE sales automation software will reduce your sales effort so you spend more time with those prospects that matter.


More Engaging, Less Chasing

Stop wasting time with prospects that are not ready to buy. Spend more time bringing in the big fish.

Drag and Drop Easy Automation

Save Time for Sales

Less Time On Paperwork = More Time Selling

No one gets into sales because they love the paperwork, chasing the wrong leads, and wasting time on tire kickers. With FunnelFIRE, you can get that time back and get back to the selling part of sales.

We Integrate With Your CRM

No messing around with 3rd party middleware. FunnelFIRE natively integrates with your CRM.

FunnelFIRE Supercharges Your CRM!


We Integrate With Your Email and Calendar

Use the tools you are already using. FunnelFIRE natively integrates your calendar and email infrastructure.

Amazing Reporting

Never miss another notification. Track individuals when they are on your website, when they open emails … engage with those that are engaged!


The FunnelFIRE Power APPS

FunnelFIRE is a powerful prospect tracking system that leverages the selling environment you are using today! Get the most out of FunnelFIRE by installing our powerful add-ons.

FunnelFIRE Chrome Extension

The FunnelFIRE Chrome Extension enables browser notifications, Gmail integration, Prospect Insights, Account Insights and more!


FunnelFIRE Outlook Plugin

For those who are using Outlook, the FunnelFIRE Outlook plugin enables email tracking from within Microsoft Outlook for Windows.


We are working hard on the release of FunnelFIRE Sales Automation software.

Ignite Your Sales